This is the top page entry for all developments related pages on MorphOS.
You'll find documentations (MorphOS specific for ports), archives links, and also some explanations on the way to install and use them.



  • Blender3D - Freeware application to model and render in 3D (Freeware, GPL).


  • Python - programmation language (Freeware, Python License).


phatch-pymui-mainwin.jpg See it's page here
A MorphOS port of Phatch using my PyMUI.

Status is: only console mode is working. The GUI is in progress.



Helios - a IEEE 1394/Firewire stack (Freeware, non-OpenSources, license in evaluation).


PyMUI - Python module to abstract and use MUI in Python scripts (Freeware, OpenSources, MIT license).


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WacomFix is a small program (15kB) to put recent Wacom Intuos graphic tablets 1) in “tablet” mode with Poseidon under MorphOS.
By default the class HID.class de Popo blocks this recent tablets into a generic mode that doesn't permit to obtain tablet type information (pressure, tilt, absolute position, buttons, …). So, we have a simple mouse behaviour.

So WacomFix ask to the tablet to switch into this mode. To use it, just plug the tablet into an available USB port, check it's well recognized by Popo and that the HID class is binded to it. Then execute WacomFix.elf (in a Shell or by Command-E) and your tablet becomes a true… tablet!
Noted that you can put WacomFix in your user-startup if you wish to use it permanently or wait that Chris Hodge fixes it directly in the HID.class ;-).


Gribouillis - is a drawing program for MorphOS written in C and Python, with the paticipation of the module PyMUI (Freeware, OpenSources, MIT license).


MUIColorizer GUI MUIColorizer (v1.1) is a MUI graphical tool to change an image color balance and save it as PNG file, using Altivec routines when possible.
This program has been designed mainly for testing a Lift/Gain/Gamma formula and Altivec optimizations.
I've also made this program because I wanted to mimic the MagicBullet plugin Colorista.

MUIColorizer needs MorphOS 2.x and The MUI Guigfx MCC.
Sources had been included until the v0.8.

Monitor Calibration

It's a new project just started the 01/12/2011. Its goals is to provide drivers and easy way to use color probe and calibrate your monitor2).

1) Tested on Intuos 3, Intuos 4 should work also
2) Only LCD supported currently

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