What's Phatch ?

Phatch is a short name for Photo Batch. It's a tools to create photo action lists to process one or more images in one shot (batch processing).

MorphOS version is a port and complete GUI re-write using PyMUI.
The genuine version and documentation is on the Phatch web site.

Don't annoy the genuine version authors, they don't have knowledge of this port :-D.


  - Fixed python path in ''phatch'' startup script.
  - Added an error popup window when 'save' action is missing.
  - First release, mostly an unfinished and Unix-like port.


  1. Download requirements (Python 2.5.x, PIL-1.7.7 and PyMUI v0.4, Laygroup and NList MCCs) and install them on your system (in preference in SYS:, see installation page for each of them).
  2. Download latest phatch archive (see download section) in RAM:.
  3. Using Ambient, browse the archive contents: copy (C and Libs) and past it inside SYS: (or where the your Python installation resides).


Phatch can run in two way: using it as a shell command (console mode) or using the GUI mode.

  • GUI usage: just execute the file C:phatch (if installation has been done in SYS:).
  • At the first execution, Phatch prepares some directories and put configuration files in the directory set by the $HOME environment variable.

To fix this variable at each boot of your MorphOS system, just open MorphOS Preferences, Users category and add an user with automatic login, specifies a valid home directory and save. Then you can run Phatch.

  • Console usage: in a Shell console, run phatch with –console argument.
  • More usage by running phatch –help in a Shell console.
  • For you information, Phatch saves by default resulting images in RAM:phatch and thumbnails of them in T:thumbnails.

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