Blender 2.x - Progression

2012-02-25 Blender 2.62 (Altivec only)

- Sync on 2.62 release tag
- Fixed locale issue for LC_NUMERIC (Forced to "C" now).
- Fixed crash caused by bad BLI_thread_queue_xxx() implementation in thread_mos.c (crash in material Preview).
- MEM_mapallocN() uses AllocVecAligned() for 16bytes alligned memory allocations (SIMD compat).
- Raytrace: Altivec support added.
- Added carve lib build (replace old boolean code)
- Added offical fix (#30158): Remesh crash
- Removed PowerSDL usage (was needed for sound, but nobody use it...)

2012-01-05 Blender 2.61 fix#2 (r169)

- Tracking and others features disabled by error (defines removed during build of blenkernel).

2012-01-04 Blender 2.61 fix#1 (r168)

  • 2.61 (2.61.168) (obsolete)
- Using new FFMPEG lib (v0.9 "Harmony"), but with the old libswscale.a lib (0.8, as the 0.9 is broken).
- Fixed memory trash in FFMPEG (bug also in genuine sources)
- Fixed NULL access when reload clip anim button is pressed in background image panel (bug also in genuine sources)
- Added all OpenGL functions to BGL python module (even non supported ones, but do nothing)
- Fixed '/' added for nothing after Volume in pathname when saving
- enabled WITH_FRAMESERVER define in makerna code
- recording sound with FFMPEG causes buffer trashes... so temporarly disabled AudaSound build until issue fixed
- Removed some deprecated calls to FFMPEG API.
- Moved tgl_wrappers.c code (into glew lib).
- trying to fix window position at open (not resolved yet)

2011-12-10 Blender 2.61 released for MorphOS (named 2.61.165)

  • 2.61 (2.61.165) (obsolete)

2011-12-10 Blender 2.58a released for MorphOS (named 2.58.162)

  • 2.58a (2.58.168) (obsolete)

2011-05-19 Blender 2.57b released for MorphOS

2011-04-22 Blender 2.57a released for MorphOS (RC1)

2011-04-15 Blender 2.57 released for MorphOS (RC1)

2010-05-15 Blender 2.5Alpha2 in test! (sync with official release: r28344)

2010-02-23 Blender 2.5Alpha1 in test!

2009-11-29 I'm very happy to show you the first run of Blender 2.50 on MorphOS!! I've taken from scratch, in 3 hard days. May works remains, many features are simply removed, Python 3.1 missing…
…But it starts without crashes! (I'm going to forget to talk about the rest :-D)

Blender 2.5x


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