Python 3.2.2 r176 (6.8MB) - MD5Sum: 61166db9398e52597dc3a51073c3407a


Python 3.2.1 r171 - MD5Sum: 5c624d58c57281489fc6abccc1de5455


Python 3.1.1 r150 - Outdated

  * Temporary remove import error of subprocess until true port on MorphOS.
  * Faster import (use FindVar than GetVar to check PYTHONCASEOK env var).
  * Fixed morphospath.py script for 3.x compatibility.
  * Fixed weird pointer bug in _functools module, only seen using python with blender (GCC bug?).
  * Fixed thread term crash caused by non sem protected mem alloc/free.
  * Limit recursion to 100 by default than 1000. Limit stack to 100kB.
  * Use sys.hexversion and minors changes in distutils.
  * Imported all fixes made in Python 2.x and requiered here (mainly MorphOS compatibility code).
  * Fixed possible NULL pointer access when started from WB.
  * Plus thousand minor fixes.
  * Fixed sys.prefix and sys.exeprefix computation.
  * Fixed OS dependent paths computation in distutils.sysconfig for MorphOS.


Python 3.1.1 r102 - Outdated

  * Fixed memory looses(fixes from 2.5.4 branch).

Python 3.1.1 r99 - Outdated

  * First public 3.x version.
  * Many modules missing because not ported yet, sorry.


  • Nothing yet.


3.1.x Series

  • Nothing yet.

Known Bugs

  • Known and fixed are to be found on the section Minor fixes
  • To know everything (new, closed, open, …) on bugs about this project, you can also see the bugtracker, project Python.

If you find them, contact me on yomgui1 [arobase] gmail [point] com
Or if you're more couragous create an account on the bugtracker and enter your bug.

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