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173.1.496Medium2012-02-07 1:41:52SolvedReset zoom crash and bad behavioursolved in r499
163.0.492Critical2011-11-16 22:27:16SolvedSaving document loose qualitysolved in r494
153.0.492Minor2011-11-14 9:47:47SolvedToFront() to remove fron draw windowToFront() call in doc mediator removed at win activation. Soved in r493.
143.0.476Feature Request2011-11-05 12:41:38SolvedScale value in doc titlesolved in r484
133.0.476Major2011-11-01 14:44:58Double-- duplicate --
123.0.476Major2011-11-01 14:44:58SolvedColor tools prefs not taken in accountsolved in r478
113.0.376Major2011-11-01 14:26:23Solvedbrush house: page duplicationsolved in r483
103.0.476Medium2011-11-01 14:16:58SolvedLayer activation brokenssolved in r482
93.0.476Minor2011-11-01 14:06:32AssignedDoesn't start from dockSeams to be resolved... was a problem with Ambient mimetype config also. need to inverstigate more.
83.0.476Medium2011-11-01 13:55:29SolvedFixed pick color modesolved in r478

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